By: Camille Paycha
With: Camille Paycha and Sofie Velghe 
& live drummer: Engel Peet

Mouvement research: Ruben Mardulier
Dramaturgy: Laura Gilles-Pick
Light design: Michiel Soete
Distribution: Emma Ketels (je buro)

Produced by Boegbeeld
Co-produced by: PERPLX - Marke (BE), Miramiro – Gent (BE), Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof Neerpelt (BE)
Residencies: De Grote Post - Oostende (BE)
Thanks to: Gouvernement - Gent (BE) and Festival Circolo – Tilburg (NL)

You are invited to share a moment with two circus performers and a drummer .

Everything and everyone moves around you. The drummer is on a rolling podium. The acrobats are in the air, hanging on, instead of a pair of aerial straps, one aerial strap only. The two acrobats are holding hands and will need yours ... Guided by the driving sound of the drums and thanks to you, being present within reach of the action, impressive tricks will come to life. Let's explore, together, the intimacy linked to circus movements and the joy of the collective.

6 degrees of separation is the name of the theory that says you are at most 6 handshakes away from every other person in the world.
60 degrees is about the angle needed to lift someone off the ground if the person has one hand in the aerial strap and one hand pulled by someone else.

60 degrees of separation is the combination of both and the name of this circus performance.

Camille Paycha sets up a collective experience around the following questions: at which point does the care of intimacy shift to the violence inherent in the extreme physical actions of a circus technique? When does a technical movement become intimate? Camille tries with this project to shift literally and figuratively the verticality of her aerial craft to a more collaborative and transversal way of dealing with her surroundings.

more info: www.camillepaycha.com