Composer: Georg Friederich Händel
Conductor: Frank Agsteribbe
Director: Tom Goossens
Costume designer: Louis Verlinde
Light designer: Michiel Soete
Musical coach: Hein Boterberg
Italian Language Coach: Sabrina Avantario
Students of the International Opera Academy& students drama: Lindsy Dias, Tibbe Walckiers, Karlijn Niesten, Luna Schepens, Staf Bertheloot
Ensemble: B’Rock Orchestra
Coproduction: International Opera Academy and B’Rock Orchestra
Visual by Remko De Waal

Caesar must die, that much is agreed. In Händel’s opera, however, history’s most famous emperor escapes his death and finds eternal life. In Shakespeare’s eponymous play, Julius Caesar is savagely murdered.

Together with a group of acting students, the singers of the International Opera Academy question Caesar’s mortality. Using a combination of theatre texts and Baroque arias, they explore the meaning of Caesar’s death (and life)

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