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a project of Elly Van Eeghem in the neighbourhood MALEM in Ghent.

Following people were involved in LOW: Ruben D’hont, Ilke Bautmans, Lana Kader, Frishta Hassan, Roja Kader, Ronny De Rudder, Peter Geysemans, Adil El-Asraoui, Saher en Lajaly Al-Sutri, Josée Vlaeminck, Het Eiland elementary school, Aurike Quintelier, Jelske De Swaef, Shana Chaerel, Marlies Jacques and Michiel Soete.

2015,  collective installation and lexicon
In collaboration with Ruben D’Hont, Marlies Jacques, Michiel Soete
and residents/schoolchildren of Malem
In coproduction with Vooruit & Miramiro Festival
Supported by the City of Ghent, KASK School of Arts
and Research Fund University College Ghent
Walk and exhibition at LOW Laboratory in Malem Ghent
17.07. – 22.07.2015
Group exhibition at Croxhapox Ghent
13.03. – 10.04.2016
Exhibition at Ghent City Museum STAM
Oct 2016 – May 2017
MLM-001 is a collective installation by ‘LOW, Laboratorium voor de Ontwikkeling van het nieuwe Wonen’ (Laboratory for the Development of new Housing). LOW is a collective of residents, schoolchildren, architects, artists and handymen. In their workspace on the island Malem in Ghent, they developed a utopian response to a worst case scenario: What if the water level rises and the island Malem completely subsided? How can we still live here? The potential arrival of water was seen as a chance to rethink community life .
MLM-001 is twofold: a lexicon and an installation of scale models, videos and sounds. Together they propose a utopia for living together.