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CONCEPT&REALISATIE: Giovani Vanhoenacker, Griet Herssens, Bolwerk, Michiel Soete
TECHNIEK: Jeroen Doise, Korneel Moreaux, Sebastien Van Huffel

Tinker, think and craft in PARK KATROL!
A genuine tinkerer’s playground for the dabbler and artist in each and everyone of us! Together with the creators, young and old create a unique 'work of art' that is solemnly revealed afterwards. Long live the (un) handymen!

Park Katrol is a travelling interactive ‘installation’ for the entire family, and the brainchild of scenographer Giovani Vanhoenacker, designer Griet Herssens, set designer Ruben Benoit (BOLWERK) and theatre maker Michiel Soete. Armed with a gigantic box full of recycled/starting materials they descend on a neighbourhood and - together with everyone regardless of age – create a ‘new’ installation.

Building on people’s imagination, a unique, new object of interest takes shape.

Long live the most crooked ideas!
Long live the (un)handymen!

Park Katrol,
Park of endearing dabblers,
tower of children’s sweat and graceful grazes,
built with the hidden talents of each visitor.

PARK KATROL - trailer (lange versie) from Kopergietery on Vimeo.